Cathodic Protection is a key element to ensuring the safe operation of steel pipelines and below ground infrastructure. It is a regulatory and code compliance requirement that pipelines have an external corrosion mitigation program in place. It is also a compliance requirement that cathodic protection systems are maintained and monitored. VIE can manage the cathodic protection compliance program and ensure work is completed on schedule, reports are issued timely and deficiencies clearly identified.

Monitoring and Measurement Techniques

• Pipe-to-soil potential at test stations
• Close-interval pipe-to-soil potentials
• Pipe-to-soil potentials at compressor stations, meter stations, terminals and storage facilities
• Impressed current rectifier output
• Induced AC potential and current levels on pipelines
• Interference activity (e.g. Telluric, LRT, and other currents)
• Pipeline current
• Coating conductance surveys
• Electromagnetic field loss evaluation surveys

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