Radiographic Testing (Gamma and X-Ray) – RT

Industrial Radiography

We provide both conventional methods of Radiographic Testing and Advanced Digital Radiographic Testing.

Radiographic Testing is a non-destructive method using x-rays or gamma rays to detect sub-surface discontinuities. Radiographic testing can obtain a permanent image of a surface or sub-surface flaw, and can measure the size and shape of the discontinuity.

Radiographic testing is commonly used on metallic and non-metallic materials to examine welded parts, cracks and density changes, wall thickness measurement, corrosion mapping, castings, forgings, measuring porosity, and many other possibilities.

Radiographic testing is applicable to both new construction and in-service surface materials. Our personnel are trained and certified to both SNT and CGSB NDT Level II or III.

Benefits of Radiographic Testing

  1. Provides a permanent image of the testing
  2. Allows technicians to analyze for corrosion, cracks, and material density
  3. Detects sub-surface discontinuities