Radiographic Testing (Gamma and X-Ray) – RT

Vision Integrity Engineering provides both conventional methods of radiographic testing and advanced digital radiographic testing. We offer services throughout Western Canada and has several dispatch locations operating 24/7.

Industrial Radiography

Radiographic Testing is a nondestructive method using x-rays or gamma rays to detect sub-surface discontinuities. Radiographic testing can obtain a permanent image of a surface or sub-surface flaw and can measure the size and shape of the discontinuity.

Radiographic testing is commonly used on metallic and non-metallic materials to examine welded parts, cracks and density changes, wall thickness measurement, corrosion mapping, castings, forgings, measuring porosity etc.

Radiographic testing is applicable to both new construction and in-service examinations.

Advantages of Radiographic Testing

  1. Provides a permanent image of the testing
  2. Images allow technicians to analyze for corrosion, cracks and material density
  3. Detects sub-surface discontinuities.


Our personnel are trained and certified to both SNT and CGSB NDT Level II or III. We can provide testing on sites and at client facilities.