Magnetic Flux Leakage – MFL

Magnetic Flux Leakage is a non-destructive testing method that can detect metal loss, such as corrosion, in steel structures. MFL is primarily used to examine pipelines and storage tanks to assess the integrity. MFL can detect corrosion on pipe walls, tank floors, and tank walls.

MFL testing uses advanced technology to find corrosion areas. The equipment uses electromagnets to induce a magnetic field and the results are then analyzed and recorded. By magnetizing a ferrous material, technicians can determine if the material is corroded based on if the magnetic flux material is disturbed or undisturbed. Our personnel are experienced in magnetic flux leakage trained with our in-house program and capably perform your testing needs.

Benefits of Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing

    1. Time-efficient
    2. Cost-effective
    3. Scans through most coatings