Digital Detector Array (DDA) Radiography

Digital Radiography is a reliable, rapid and eco-friendly alternative to traditional nondestructive testing methods. DDA panels use a scintillator with optimized noise and resolution parameters to provide imaging over a wide range of parts and material types. DDA can provide instant radiographic images for detecting weld flaws and process induced flaws from coatings, wrapped repairs and insulation.

Advantages of Digital Detector Array Radiography

1. Efficiency – Reduced Exposure Time

DDA provides large imaging area and images can be electronically displayed and interpreted within minutes. Digital radiography saves time from setting up equipment, collecting and developing the film. Images can be interpreted within minutes.

2. Enhanced Imaging – Image Evaluation

The panels have a high resolution and can be filtered to improve the visual representation of the image. Images can be adjusted for brightness and contrast. They can be magnified for improved evaluation.

3. Storage and Retrieval – Computer Storage

Radiographic images can be stored electronically eliminating the need for physical storage. Computer storage allows multiple people to access images from remote locations. Preserves image quality by storing film electronically.

Digital Radiography can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Shadow Shots
  • Evaluate insulated and non-insulated piping components
  • Evaluate corrosion under insulation
  • Evaluate the operating condition of valves
  • Examine the rubber components for fabrication flaws.
  • Measure the remaining thickness values.
  • View multiple components in the same image (valves, pipe, fittings, and threaded parts).


Our personnel are trained and certified to both SNT and CGSB NDT Level II or III. We can provide testing on sites and at client facilities.

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