Using the right people for the right tasks

Using the right person for the right task can be one of the most valuable skills in any industry, it creates efficiencies and helps any brand project themselves in a professional and competent manner. The first step in this process, is to properly assess your skills pool to determine the competencies, training, and experiences that each member of your team has. Everyone will have their strengths and weaknesses, not only with technical processes, but with personal traits as well. Communication, organization, expedience, documentation, patience, and even flair or a personal touch can bring the right edge to a project. The second step is to determine the needs of your project, many projects will have complex intricacies or projected encumbrances that come up in the future that will need a particular skillset. When it comes to completing these tasks it’s likely possible to complete the task using any of your assets, but to excel at the task will require someone well suited to the challenge. The third step is to assign your assets accordingly, with your personnel being your greatest tool.  How will this workers past experience help them overcome the challenges of this job? How will their attitudes and work ethic mesh with the rest of the team or the client? Is the pacing for the project appropriate to the drive of the individual? What training or certifications will compliment the necessary qualifications for this job? Remember, its always possible to hammer a square peg through a round hole, but that will wear on the corners and break down your square peg over time. using the right tool for the right job to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of management, clients, and even peers will be one of the keys to making your company shine.