VIMS Database and Record Management

Vision Integrity Engineering Ltd (Vision Integrity) Approach

Vision Integrity provides data and record management software that works and is simple. The key elements of the Vision Integrity approach are to work with our clients to understand their existing systems and operations and with our experience enhance and develop cost effective and customized software.

Record Management

Your business faces enormous pressures to comply with government and industry regulators such as the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) and Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). This need for compliance, along with governance guidelines voluntarily adopted by many companies, require that structured records management be applied to electronic business records. Having readily accessible and structured Record Management also helps your organization reduce the electronic evidence discovery costs of audits and  litigation.

These escalating discovery costs, along with the increasingly severe penalties for regulatory noncompliance, mean that structured recordkeeping is no longer optional—it has become a strategically critical component of any enterprise.

Vision Integrity Management System (VIMS)

VIMS is a web based SQL database for Pressure Equipment and Pipeline Data.  The software is built using standard office software tools. This means anyone can use it and there is no requirement for ordering or maintaining complex software that is difficult to learn and ultimately gets ignored. All standard file types including Word, Excel, Photos and Adobe can be filed and easily viewed. Pressure Equipment data is also based on an expanded ABSA ESR format. VIMS comes with tablet based field data gathering capabilities that input ESR format data and output completed inspection reports suitable for storing in any database.

This greatly increases data handling efficiencies and lowers costs. Pipeline data is stored according to code and regulatory requirements.

Minimum IT Requirement

VIMS is 100 percent Web-based, meaning there is no desktop recordkeeping client software to install and maintain. VIMS supplies all the underlying recordkeeping infrastructure and processes for electronic records, enabling virtually any business software with minimal demands on IT staff.

Key Strengths and benefits of VIMS

Simplicity and Familiarity:
VIMS is designed for use by field inspectors and data clerks. It is intuitive, simple and robust.
Works with existing Data bases:
The strength of VIMS is in streamlining the data handling process in the field. This benefit can be realized with almost any existing data base. Upload VIMS a spreadsheet of vessel data, such as an ESR, and VIMS will return completed inspection reports suitable for review and filing.
Tablet based field data gathering:
The VIMS tablet field gathering module is designed by an inspector for inspectors and tackles many of the inefficiencies inherent in current field inspection practice: Pictures are automatically labelled and attached, known data is used to pre-populate reports increasing inspector efficiency.
Easy access:
Access to your records from everywhere.
Full audit trail:
A complete audit trail shows who had access to which files and when. Audit reports can also be filed as records.
Free maintenance and support:
Our support provides telephone and online answers.  You can be assured that someone will be on the other end of the line should you need them.
Free initial consultation and training:
We provide free training to all our customers.
We partner with our customers to help them achieve their business goals, and work to develop solutions to suit their needs/business structure.
Your data is yours. We safeguard it and protect your privacy.
Simplified ESR handling:
VIMS is designed to read data in the ABSA ESR, to format, to compare it to information in the database and to output an updated ESR. This increases the efficiency of your data administrators.


Centralize your documents and increase efficiency.
Version Control:
Provides check in/check out control preventing documents and data from being overwritten or deleted as documents are uploaded or data entered.
Where documents are required to pass through reviews and approvers before they are ready for general distribution, VIMS povides instant reports on the status the documents in the review process.
Web Browser Access:
Users can easily access the document management software library using a standard web browser ( Internet Explorer and Google Chrome)
Desktop version:
Internet access is required to install and activate all plans and to manage your subscription account. Internet connectivity is also required to access cloud productivity services and files. With the desktop version it has the benefit that you can work offline and have the confidence that the next time you connect to the Internet all of your work will automatically sync, so you never have to worry about your records and documents being up to date.
For more information on how our team can help you, including 3 month free trial please contact:
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