Electrical Inspection

All of our inspectors have a minimum of 5 years of experience as Journeymen Electricians, have completed all of the applicable safety code courses and have thorough knowledge of the Canadian Electrical Code. With their training and experience our inspectors can identify infractions on visual inspections, skillfully review drawings and specifications and ensure all electrical installations are within the standards of the Canadian Electrical Code.

Our electrical inspectors are experienced in the development and application of procedures and methods allowing them to meet all client requirements. Successful projects are guaranteed through systematic planning, execution, monitoring and verification.

*We are excited to note we have nearly achieved our accreditation as an ISO 17020 Electrical Inspection Company.


  • Certified Master Electrician and Safety Codes Officer
  • Review drawings and schematics
  • Review specifications
  • Preparation of quality assurance documentation including Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
  • Inspection
  • Report on findings
  • Equipment evaluations
  • Project monitoring

For more information on how our team can help you please contact:

Steve Yaunish, cell phone: 403-669-3015,

email: steve.yaunish@visionintegrity.ca