Electrical Inspection

Field Evaluations or Special Inspections

The Canadian Electrical Code mandates that all electrical equipment that is manufactured or imported into Canada must be evaluated and approved by an Accredited Inspection Body.

Vision Integrity’s Field Evaluation program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and meets the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code and CSA SPE-1000 to ensure safety and code compliance on various electrical products.

Our Field Inspectors have expertise with regulations, codes and standards, safety and quality assurance. We provide services to a variety of sectors including: industrial, construction, engineering, commercial and residential. Through careful product evaluation, experienced Field Evaluation Inspectors will ensure that all products are code compliant to the Canadian Electrical Code and Model Code SPE-1000.

Field Evaluation Inspectors will apply a regulatory mandated label on all compliant equipment. This will validate that the equipment was evaluated to Model Code SPE-1000.


  • Field Evaluation Inspections
  • Document and Specification Review
  • Code Compliance
  • Equipment Evaluations
  • Labeling
  • Visual Inspections
  • Testing
  • Report on Findings
  • Equipment Evaluations

Field Evaluation Criteria

Approval on electrical equipment is required on equipment in limited quantities, modification of a certified product or any custom-build equipment.

Typical Equipment includes:

  • Control Panels
  • Luminaires
  • Pre-fabricated Electrical Buildings
  • Modified Panels
  • Imported Electrical Products
  • Renewable Energy Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment to Test the Market
  • Assembly Line Machinery

For more information on how our team can help you, please complete the Application for Electrical Inspection and email or contact to Steve Yaunish.

Application for Electrical Inspection: English Version, French Version.

Steve Yaunish, cell phone: 403-669-3015,

email: steve.yaunish@visionintegrity.ca

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