To support the range of integrity services provided to our clients, Vision Integrity Engineering is pleased to work in partnership with Edmonton Materials Inc in the areas of failure analysis and metallurgy.

Edmonton Materials Inc. was formed and registered with APEGGA in the spring of 2011. The new company has had ties with the Oil & Gas industry for many years through previous working relationships. Personal eagerness and an aptitude for engineering materials ensure prompt and professional service.

Edmonton Materials Inc. offers the following services:

  • Failure analysis of engineering components
  • Corrosion – oil field equipment and pipelines, boilers, high temperature degradation, etc.
  • Wear – abrasion, erosion, sliding, impact and fatigue wear situations
  • Fracture – brittle and ductile fracture modes, fatigue and creep
  • Creep evaluation including in situ metallography
  • Materials selection for strength, corrosion and wear situations
  • Heat treatment procedures and related problems
  • Failure mechanisms of coatings used in pipelines and down-hole applications

For further information please contact:
Perry Richard, RET
Main Shop  4125 74 Ave
Edmonton, AB
Tel: (780) 915-1497